Why Should I Use Eco Detergents

Why Should I Use Eco Detergents?

Did you ever ask yourself where the water draining from your washing machine goes? If you didn’t, then maybe you will actually do when you know that this water can impose some serious threats on the environment and the health of your family.

Water from laundry usually contains high concentrations of chlorine bleaches, detergents, chemical whiteners as well as synthetic fragrances that not only can harm the environment, but also negatively affect your health. Such hazardous chemicals can gradually pile up in the ecosystem, because they aren’t biodegradable. In the end, drinking water can be poisoned with these substances leading to respiratory diseases, skin allergies, reproductive problems and neurological dysfunction.

Phosphates and nonpolyphenol ethoxylates are the most hazardous ingredients in non-green detergents. In the 1970s, the use of phosphates in laundry detergents was banned in the USA, so they aren’t a problem today. On the other hand, some forms of surfactants, such as nonpropylphenol ethoxylates, form micelles that envelop dirt particles to facilitate eliminating them. These micceles have been proven to be toxic to fish, as they get into their gills impairing their respiratory functions and extraction of oxygen from water.

So, how can you avoid all these hazards? Eco detergents are detergents that are manufactured using green technologies which are meant to be environment-friendly and contain no biohazardous compounds. In many instances, eco detergents are derived from plant based ingredients such as palm kernel, corn, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

Many manufacturers nowadays claim that there products are “green” or eco friendly, so how can you check whether or not an eco detergent is eco friendly? Luckily, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set up a simple system that can help you determine whether an eco detergent is really what it is claimed to be by its manufacturers. The EPA grants eco detergents that use green eco friendly substances a badge to be featured on the product. Accordingly, look for EPA’s authentication badge on your detergent to make sure it is safe to the environment.

The EPA has populated a list of eco detergents which can be easily accessed via their official website. It should be noted that a product which is not listed in the EPA’s list is not necessarily hazardous or non-eco friendly.

The next time you go shopping, look for eco detergents. Check the label of the detergent and search for eco friendly ingredients such as corn oil, palm tree oil, sodium percarbonate non-chlorine bleach and coconut oil. If the detergent has the EPA logo, then it is eco friendly and you don’t have to check the ingredients. Eco detergents can usually be purchased at the same price as non-eco detergents.

Throughout the past century, we have sabotaged our environment mainly via consumption of products that eventually lead to accumulation of toxic substances in the eco system. Using an eco detergent can markedly reduce the amount of toxic substances dumped in our eco systems. So, what is keeping you from switching to a more environmentally friendly detergent? Get an eco detergent today!