You May Actually Live Longer Using Eco Cleaning Products

You May Actually Live Longer Using Eco Cleaning Products

There are some relatively alarming statistics,concerning the benefits from the use of eco cleaning products.

More time is spent in the home, than elsewhere, however, the indoor air is generally four times as polluted as outdoors, especially in rural areas, and reports from the Cancer Reasearch Society show that at least 13% of the population will have an adverse reaction to the small amounts of toxic chemicals, such as ammonia and nonphenol derivatives that are found in cleaning products.

Did you realize that the amount of oil consumed in the U.S can be reduced by eighty-two thousand barrels, if every household in the country substituted one bottle of dishwashing liquid, based on petroleum, with an eco-friendly or plant based product? That is enough fuel to run 7200, six-cylinder vehicles for 20000 kms.

Switching to an eco cleaning product is not only safer, but can be cheaper. Eco-friendly cleaning products are cheaper to produce, as they can be made from commonly available products, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemons. The incorrect perception is that they may not be as effective as regular cleaning products, but that may be largely due to the labelling and marketing messages.

The term antimicrobial or antibacterial is often used to convey an impression of environment in which bacteria cannot proliferate because of the use of chemicals. However, as far as consumers are concerned, this may not be an appropriate definition. Research has shown that bacteria are becoming resistant to the ingredients such as triclosan that is found many of the common household cleaning products.

In a recent study, it was confirmed that products labelled as disinfectant cleaners, produced the same amount of microbacterial growth as those labelled as non-disinfectant.

Reports of the super germ can be found: So it appears that money is being wasted on expensive cleaning agents that are becoming ineffective, while they may also be unsafe.

Because the amounts of the toxic chemicals used in regular cleaning products are of minute quantities, the products have been labelled as safe, but the fact remains that they are toxic, and continued usage of products that are considered dangerous or carcinogenic should be avoided. The long term effects are not always apparent, but show up after lengthy periods, which can be decades.

Using eco cleaning products, may not only be better and safer for your health, but it is also better for the planet on which we live. The negative effects of air and water pollution are eliminated, as is the effects of ozone depletion, due to emission of harmful Volatile Organic Content. At the same time, sustainable living is maintained, with a reduction in the use of finite raw materials. Eco cleaning products are normally found in recyclable containers and the packaging would more than likely be biodegradable. This also contributes to a much lower carbon footprint.

Eco cleaning products can be effective in cold water, so even more energy is saved in heating costs, and the pollutants that result from the combustion of fossill fuels is further reduced.

Evidence shows that with a switch, we can live a safer, longer and healthier life.