Washing Balls – A Smarter Way To Do Laundry

Washing Balls – A Smarter Way To Do Laundry.

In these ecologically savvy times, a viable, environmentally friendly option for many of modern livings essentials is an attractive prospect to a wide number of people. Washing balls are a cheap, effective and eco-friendly option for those seeking an alternative to standard laundry detergents and fabric softeners. They provide an appealing way to seriously dent the carbon foot print you leave behind every time you load up the washer and run a batch of laundry, without seriously denting your wallet.

The immediately attractive and glaringly obvious reason to opt for washing balls over standard chemical detergents is how cost effective they are. A standard ball can provide well over a year’s worth of washing! Just think how many boxes of laundry detergent you go through over that period of time…a pretty substantial saving indeed. Not only that, but the decreased need for detergent has a knock on effect meaning a decrease in the amount of environmental waste from packaging.

Washing balls are hypoallergenic. The chemicals and soaps used in regular detergents and fabric softeners can be a little unkind to those who suffer from sensitive skin and constant skin exposure to fabric means you do not want to be itchy and uncomfortable all day long. As washing balls simply utilise water alone, there’s no need for soaps or chemicals in the washing process, there for no risk of allergic flare ups!

These guys are extremely eco-friendly; they can be used effectively at very low temperatures. You may be surprised to learn that the average washing machine uses a whopping 90% of its energy on heating the water alone! Phew! You can see how big an energy saving these spherical beauties provides by operating effectively at the low end of washers temperature spectrum.

There is no unpleasant chemical residue getting rinsed back into the water system after each wash, and considering only 3% of the Earths water remains fresh, it is up to us to keep any more toxins flooding the water system. Just think how happy all those fish are going to be!

The wear and tear often associated with regular washing is no longer an issue either. Washing balls are completely fabric friendly, acting as an all in one detergent and fabric softener (but minus the chemicals of course) you will not have to worry about colours fading, fabrics weakening or static build making your clothes, linens or towels uncomfortable to use.

The compact size and portability of washing balls makes them an easy travel option. Easy to use on any machine and taking up no packing space at all, they solve the problem of how to effectively wash your clothes on a trip with ease.

With such a vast amount of benefits; environmental, financially and purely regarding the quality of the fabrics. It is evidently extremely clear why washing balls have become an incredibly attractive and appealing alternative to regular chemical riddled detergents, dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Who would have thought that such a small plastic ball could have such a wealth of benefits!

The magnetic laundry system is still the most eco friendly and economical laundry detergent alternative available today!