Go Green On Your Laundry With A Wash Ball

Go Green On Your Laundry With A Wash Ball

Most of us are conversant with washing detergents and liquids. However, a wash ball is something many people are not so conversant with. This is because it is a fairly new invention looking like plastic balls or toys. We are currently living in a society that is ‘going green’ on virtually all aspects. These balls are a good example of ‘going green’ in laundry and they work best when put in a washing machine together with the laundry.

When using a wash ball one will not require to use laundry detergents and liquids. They are an effective way of saving on cost and friendly to the environment. They are also referred to as eco balls or laundry balls. For them to work effectively, they need to be charged by the sun at least once a month. The reason being, they contain ceramic pellets, which recharge their energy by exposure to the sun. A few hours of exposure is enough to recharge them and ensure they work effectively to clean your laundry.

The essence of these pellets is that they break down the hydrogen in water molecules into water clusters that are smaller. These clusters are also activated and the molecular motion enhanced allowing the water to penetrate into the fibers of the laundry being cleaned. They are very easy to use in that only one ball can perform a complete laundry wash with a washing machine.

The wash ball pellets will also enhance the waterpower and soften the laundry fibers. Therefore, one will be assured of a clean and soft laundry afterwards. The essence of softening fibers is that the dirt and clog found in your laundry is removed very easily and quickly. However, so as to get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt it is important to wash using higher temperatures. Some stains may require stain removers but because the pellets in these balls soften fibers, high temperatures necessitate their removal.

Most of the water we use is treated with chlorine. The wash ball used will react with chlorine and rid it off the water completely. Chlorine results in hard water, which is the reason why many laundry detergents and liquids do not lather easily. Many people do not know that the reason their clothes are dull and pale is due to the presence of chlorine in water. When this is removed a more brighter and colorful washing is achieved.

The question many people will ask is how safe the wash ball is to their laundry and washing machine. These balls are very safe and less toxic than most of the laundry detergents and liquids we have in the market. However, this does not mean that they are safe for consumption. They should be stored far from the reach of children and are less likely to affect people with allergies.

As stated earlier only one wash ball is required for a complete wash. This means that they last much longer than laundry detergents and liquids. After a wash, it is important to remove the ball and let it dry out in the sun ready for the next wash.

The magnetic laundry system is still the most eco friendly and economical laundry detergent alternative available today!