Natural Cleaning Products, Ensuring Homes Stay Cleaner And Safer

Natural Cleaning Products, Ensuring Homes Stay Cleaner And Safer

Natural cleaning products are the best cleaning products to use at your home since they guarantee both the safety of your family and the environment. Made from cheap and easily accessible materials, these cleaning products ensure you save most of your hard earned income especially during this harsh economic times and still maintain the cleanliness of your home. Natural cleaning products are Eco friendly since they are made from organic products. They are different from other chemical based cleaning products which are made from synthetic chemicals.

Most of the synthetic chemicals used to make chemical based cleaning products are either non biodegradable compounds or compounds that take a longer time to undergo degradation. This makes the cleaning products to pollute the environment every time they are used for cleaning and released to the environment.

Natural cleaning products can be made from simple substances such as lemons, vinegar, washing soda, cooking salt, essential oils and baking soda. Most of these products can be obtained cheaply from a grocery store or in a supermarket. They can be used to remove different stains at home as explained below.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide work perfectly in the elimination of stubborn stains on surfaces. They can be used to clean surfaces in the kitchen or the bathroom. Hydrogen peroxide is a perfect whitening agent and a good disinfectant that can be used to disinfect the kitchen surfaces and floor. Vinegar mixed with liquid Castile soap is a good cleaning agent. It can be used to clean the window panes, kitchen surfaces and bathroom floors.

Lemon is a good polishing agent. It can be used to polish items made from brass and silver. When mixed with olive oil, lemon makes a good furniture polish. It can be used to clean and polish the furniture. Washing soda can be used to clean the toilet since it has a disinfecting property. Baking soda mixed with lavender oil or tea tree oil can be used to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. This mixture is a perfect disinfecting and whitening agent.

Borax is used to remove mold at home. When washing your clothes, use borax and vinegar. Borax helps in removal of stains. Vinegar acts both as a fabric softener and prevents fading of clothes. This will ensure your clothes stay clean and ‘new.’

Chemical based air fresheners provide a nice scent but also pollute the environment. If you want an air freshener that does not pollute the environment, you can use organic essential oils. For freshening up of the chairs and other upholstery, use vodka. Vodka contains ethanol which evaporates faster and is not toxic.

Natural cleaning products are the best cleaning products to use at your home. They don’t harmful carcinogenic compounds like the ones found in bleaches and other home care chemical products. These organic products do not have the pungent smells like the ones contained in chemical based cleaning products. These products do not cause both air and land pollution when exposed to the environment since they are biodegradable. They are good to work with and most of the time you will not be scared about your health and safety.

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