Eco Friendly Detergents, Making Laundry Washing Environmental Friendly

Eco Friendly Detergents, Making Laundry Washing Environmental Friendly

Eco friendly detergents commonly referred to as organic detergents are detergents made from organic substances. This is different from chemical based detergents. Chemical based laundry detergents are made from petroleum products and other synthetic compounds such as oxophosphates. They also contain Chlorine compounds and artificial optical brighteners that are added to these detergents to improve their bleaching and brightening property. Artificial fragrances made in the laboratory are added to make the detergent have a wonderful fragrance.

Most of the synthetic compounds used to make chemical based detergents take a long time to undergo degradation with some being non biodegradable. This means, when the water containing the detergents is released to the environment it causes pollution. Most of chlorine compounds are carcinogenic and frequent exposure to them can lead to cancer.

Chemical based laundry detergents have detrimental effects both on the clothes and the skin. Due to the use of strong chemicals, most chemical based laundry detergents can have adverse effects on the skin ranging from skin irritation to adverse neurological problems. Chemical based laundry detergents also make the clothes age faster and lose their color and softness. This will force you to buy clothes more often.

Use of Eco friendly laundry detergents is the solution to all these problems. Environmentally friendly detergents are made from natural oils such as castor oil and corn based oils. They contain natural plant-based enzymes which help in the removal of protein stains on clothes. Organic detergents contain Borax which helps in water softening making the detergent to dissolve in water faster reducing the amount of scum formed. They contain salt and sodium gluconate that help in the removal of soil stains from clothes and act as a cleaner and brightener.

To improve the bleaching process, organic laundry detergents contain hydrogen peroxide which is a natural whitening and brightening agent. The fabric softeners used in organic detergents are made from soy. This totally eliminates the use of chlorine compounds reducing the chances of being exposed to harmful chemicals.

The benefits of using Eco friendly detergents are numerous. First, you do not have to worry about skin irritation and drying of your skin. These detergents do not contain harmful chemicals which can react with the upper layer of the skin. This reduces the chances of developing neurological problems or suffering from cancer because you are not exposed to carcinogenic compounds.

Water containing organic detergents is safe to be released to the environment because they do not cause pollution. Since these detergents are made from natural substances, they easily undergo degradation when released to the environment. It is safe to pour water containing these detergents to your garden since it will not harm your plants.

Water containing organic detergents can be used in septic tanks since it does not encourage rusting. Chemical based detergents contain oxophosphates which are good oxidizing agents which when exposed to septic tanks, they speed up the process of rusting.

With the increased environmental consciousness, More detergent manufacturing companies are concentrating on the manufacture of organic detergents. This makes access of the detergents easier and cheaper.