Do Your Laundry With Green Cleaning Products

Do Your Laundry With Green Cleaning Products

Most commercial household cleaning products available in the market today are dangerous not just to the environment but to your health as well. Most people are unaware of the fact that using these commercial products can cause harm to their health due to the chemical ingredients contained in it. These ingredients can cause skin irritation and other serious conditions like damage to the stomach, lungs and spinal cord. However, you do not have to worry since you can clean your home using green cleaning products which are safer and less cheaper.

Green cleaning products are safer for your family, as it does not contain hazardous chemical ingredients. Aside from that, these are cheaper compared to commercial products, meaning you will be able to save more money from it. Due to this, more and more households are now switching to natural products for cleaning their homes. These natural cleaning products are also useful in cleaning fabrics and other household items. Because green household cleaning products were proven to be great alternatives, they are now more preferred than commercial products.

In case you are allergic to chemical ingredients, you can also prepare your own green cleaning products using the ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. Some of the natural ingredients that you can opt for are white distilled vinegar, pure soap, borax, washing soda, lemon, lime and baking soda. All these are effective when doing your laundry without causing harm to your health. So how can you make use of these ingredients to deal with your laundry problems?

For the removal of rust stains on your clothing you can make use of lemon juice. Just put your clothing in a wide basin or container and add a small amount of water into it. Make sure you have enough lemon depending on how severe the rust stain is and then cut these lemons into halves. When you are done, apply the juice to the clothing by simply squeezing them on areas where there are rust stains. Leave it for at least an hour before brushing the stains off and rinsing it.

When looking for a fabric softener, you can also prepare your own using ¼ cup of soda for washing and 1 cup of distilled vinegar. Combine the ingredients properly before putting it on your clothes. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before draining and washing the clothes. As you can see, the use of green cleaning products for laundry are much easier than the use of commercial products, aside from the fact that it is safer and beneficial for your health. All these ingredients are also cheaper and readily available.

However, if you do not have the time to prepare your own cleaning products, you can also opt for green cleaning products available in the market. There are various manufacturers that are offering products that contain natural ingredients. These products do not contain any harmful chemicals, meaning they will not cause any harmful effects to you or your family’s health. Aside from that, since these products contain natural ingredients, they are also relatively cheaper compared to any other commercial products available in the market.

The magnetic laundry system is still the most eco friendly and economical laundry detergent alternative available today!