Amazing Renewable Laundry Detergent

Amazing Renewable Laundry Detergent

Green cleaning implies using cleaning techniques and products that contain only environment – friendly ingredients that are not harmful for health and environmental. An eco clean detergent does not contain toxic chemicals.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the environment program to label products that satisfy EPA’s criteria for the chemicals. The products that are labeled ‘low’ or ‘zero’ volatile organic compound (VOC) are safe for human beings, animals and the environment. Unfortunately, even when you know the chemicals to be avoided, it is generally difficult because most of the manufacturers do not list them on the labels. The Eco label can be extremely helpful as you will know the ingredients in the product.

A number of laundry detergents contain really harmful chemicals for you and the environment. These chemicals leave residues on the clothing after washing and drying your clothes. These residues get absorbed into your skin, pass on to the body and evaporate and pollute the air.

There is a revolutionary eco clean magnetic laundry system conceived to use magnets to clean your clothes. The magnetic balls help the water to stick to dirt and wash it away. These magnets can be reused and are also ecofriendly as no chemicals are involved in the cleaning process.

The magnets work as an effective alternative to detergent. However, they do not replace the stain removers or bleaching agents. If you can get a reliable eco clean spot remover or bleach, you can use it with these magnets.

The magnetic laundry system can be used in the various types of washing machines with iron, stainless steel or plastic drums. The magnets may stick together while washing. However, it does not reduce their overall performance. The laundry units just need a lot of water.

A magnetic laundry system actually works by energizing the water with application of magnetic forces. Water is the most common solvent. This magnetic cleaning system works in a powerful and effective way to increase the natural solvency of water with the magnetism. The magnetic force is the most powerful form of energy on earth. You get this natural energy from the environment. It is completely a renewable form of natural energy available totally free. This energy is harnessed in the magnetic laundry detergent system that can be successfully employed in a home washing machine. Reducing the surface tension of the water enables it to clean the clothes more effectively without using the chemicals.

In fact, there is a lot of difference between soaps and detergents. Detergents are actually petrochemical products. Basically, the water cleans the clothes. The magnetic laundry or a chemical detergent based system helps improve the capability of water to clean the dirt in a better way.
Chemical detergents are non-renewable products and cannot eco clean. The magnetic laundry system operates with a renewable magnetic power source. The magnetic laundry balls can be used with ease and convenience. This technology is most economical and safe to eco clean your clothes. The best way is to try it yourself and get the benefits from this technology.